Administration in Jalna

The city of Jalna remains an important part of Jalna district and a municipal council as well. Right from the city’s maintenance, law and order to the day to day checks, the administrative system within the city is a close knit one. In terms of urban planning, a rapid development plan is chalked out for the city which will witness much new infrastructural growth here.

Control Room Helpline - 1077
Service Desk Call - 1800 111 555
Child Helpline - 1098
Women Helpline - 1091

When the Jalna district came into being in the year 1981, Jalna became part of one of its five tehsils. The others four were Ambad, Jafrabad, Partur and Bhokardan. Being the head city, there were important roles the municipal council had to play in order to see effective development. With years ahead, more tehsils came into being and the administrative setup grew. The administration in this part of Maharashtra is spread over close to thousand districts, 8 tehsils and 4 sub divisions. 

Administration in Jalna

Jalna Municipal Council

Covering a population of more than 3 lakhs, the Municipal Council in Jalna manages a large administrative setup. The slum area within the council rounds up to more than fifty. Among these there are many which come under the category of areas which are slums but have not been declared as one yet. In order to improve the quality of living across the district, the city’s Municipal Council has ensured to take initiate better and effective plans. It looks after the living standards, hygiene and health among other programs which are essential to implement especially in these parts.

Jalna Municipal Council
Admistrative Building, Gandhi Chaman to Railway Station Road, Jalna   
District :- Jalna   
State :- Maharashtra   
Country :- India   
Pincode :- 431203
[email protected]

Collectorate in Jalna

Forming the backbone of the administration in Jalna city and the district in totality, the collectorate of the city remains topmost. Their role is extremely vital in carrying out various duties in ensuring the city only falls on the path of growth. From revenue, law and order to other important decisions are taken by the group of officers. In case of natural calamity, times during the elections or other major and minor events are all handled by the collectorate in Jalna, thus making their role even more substantial. Important contact details are as mentioned below:

District Collector, Jalna
Phone: 02482- 225701

Additional Collector
Phone: 02482- 220214

District Supply Officer
Phone: : 02482-225311

SDM Jalna
Phone: 02482-220117

Tahsildar Jalna
Phone: 02482-220055

District Planning Officer
Phone: 02482-225606

Courts in Jalna

To ensure that timely justice is given to the people, the District Court in Jalna remains effectual. The courts include further divisions of sessions court, fastrack courts, civil judges and one senior division. All work under the given setup to make sure that matters which can be are resolved within these courts and people can stay more relaxed. Also, there is Labor and Industrial Court to cater to the industrial sector of Jalna. This sector holds a large area and many people are associated with it. This shows the well functioning of the judiciary which is present at all divisions to make certain no one is left out.

Courts in Jalna

Police in Jalna

With a Poilce Headquarter and three police stations in areas like Kadim and Sadar Bazaar, Jalna promises a safe environment. The police control room also remains active while the SP remains charge of all the action in these departments. Traffic police is also well managed. With a huge population there tends to be chaos on the roads, but work towards good administration in this regard is looked upon. The levels of crime in some part of the city had escalated to a level, but over the years, with good enforcement, the city has been able to breathe a soothing environment with as much safety provided as possible.  

Office of Superintendent of Police
Beside Collector Office,
Bypass Road,
Jalna. - 431 203.

Phone : +91 2482 225601
Fax : +91 2482 225352
Email : [email protected]
Web :

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